Cure for HIV reportedly 3 years away"> Cure for HIV reportedly 3 years away"> Cure for HIV reportedly 3 years away">

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Cure for HIV reportedly 3 years away
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Cure for HIV reportedly 3 years away
HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, particles in purple, cause the disease AIDS. Photo: cdc

A cure for HIV and AIDS reportedly could be just a few years away after scientists have been able to successfully snip away the virus from infected cells and prevent the disease from returning.

Scientists at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University are confident that within the next three years they will be able to start human trials, the UK Daily Telegraph reported.

British experts believe that this treatment, which has only been tested in labs, would allow the body to effectively “cure itself from the inside,” the newspaper reported. Human immune cells that were tested in the labs have showed no alteration to any other part of the genetic code.

“The fact that for the first time we have been able to completely eliminate segments of the viral genome in the laboratory demonstrates that we should be able to eliminate it in the human body,” lead researcher Professor Kamel Khalili told The Telegraph. He reiterated that based on the recent findings, clinical trials could start within the next three years.

The new technique is called Crispr/Cas9. It involves targeting the genetic code of HIV which inserts into cells, according to The Telegraph. Scientists then take the Cas9 protein and edit it so it can recognise viral code.

The patient’s blood is then taken and scientists would inject Cas9, which would then seek out the HIV virus in the cells. The protein then releases and enzyme and snips out the virus. Scientists are confident that replacing 20 percent of immune cells with genetically altered cells would be enough to cure the virus.

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