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DMCH doctors successfully operate on ‘Tree Man’ Abul Bajandar
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DMCH doctors successfully operate on ‘Tree Man’ Abul Bajandar
Doctors at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) have performed a surgery on Abul Bajandar, known as the ‘Tree Man’ for large, rare bark-like warts on his hands and legs. 
Prof Dr Md Abul Kalam, head of DMCH’s Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit and five other doctors successfully performed the two-hour-long surgery that started at 10:30am on Saturday.
Burns unit Chief Coordinator Prof Dr Shamanta Lal Sen said Bajandar’s health condition was fine after the surgery on two fingers of his right hand.
“After three weeks, we will operate on his left hand as well. Gradually, his two legs will also go through surgical procedures,” he told bdnews24.com.
He also informed that some samples of Bajandar’s warts have already been sent to the US for testing.
“Each finger seems to weigh several kilograms. I can’t hold them up,” the 25-year-old man from Khulna had said earlier about his hands to bdnews24.com.
The warts had Bajandar, father of one, to stop pulling his rickshaw van, the source of his income, when he was a teen.
Now he is unable to eat with his hands. His mother or wife has to feed him.
Abul Bajandar Abul Bajandar CNN ran a report in 2008, titled ‘Cause of 'Treeman's' bark-like growths, that revealed a man in similar condition in Indonesia.
It said doctors believed the case was created by a genetically inherited immune defect and a type of human papilloma virus, or HPV.
There are hundreds of types of HPV, some of which are linked to cervical cancer and others that cause common warts that can be acquired through cuts, CNN said.
Prof Sen said only two cases like Bajandar’s had been found so far – one in Romania and the other in Indonesia.
While visiting Bajandar at DMCH on Feb 4, Health Minister Mohammed Nasim assured that the government would bear the expenses of his treatment.

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