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5 Things you should never post about online
Online Desk |:| Wed, 07 Oct'2015, 2:02 PM |:| Online Version
5 Things you should never post about online
Life and Style : An argument with your best friend Never ever vent about the fight with your best friend online. Chances are that you will probably spoil the friendship for good by writing something you might regret later. Details about a fight with your partner No one wants to know about your ever-changing relationship status or every fight that you have with your better half. Save the details for yourself or you might end up embarrassing yourself with such posts. Negative talk about a past or current colleague No matter how annoying, bitchy or conniving your colleague is, never ever post about it online. You might end up making things worse for yourself at the workplace. Insult a former partner Even if your relationship ended on a really bitter note, don't post details about it online. Washing your dirty linen in public will simply reflect badly on you. Run down your neighbour Your neighbour might be the most nosy and annoying person in your building but there are other ways of dealing with them than to post nasty tales about them online.

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