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Weekly Beauty Tip
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Weekly Beauty Tip
Times Of Dhaka : This week’s beauty tip is on ‘Minimal Makeup’. Take your makeup box and try…

Minimal Makeup
The ‘no makeup’ look can be an anomaly in itself. The concept implies a polished, bare-faced appearance, but at the same time, you run the risk of looking washed out.
At the Calvin Klein show during New York Fashion Week, American actress and singer Amy Adams mastered the minimalist effect with her clean skin, tinted lip, and lit-from-within blush.
‘With her slicked back hair and gorgeous white dress, Amy looked exactly how we wanted her to look,’ said the star’s makeup artist Stephen Sollito.
‘Pulled together, yet effortless—kind of like Amy herself!’
Make like the star and add a hint of dimension to your own look by adding pops of colour on the cheeks and lips.
The illusion of a natural flush contrasts with the flawless canvas and breaks up the colour on your face.
Solitto blended a tawny peach blush onto the apples of Adams’s cheeks to impart a flush, then moved on to the lips, mixing two different shades together as a light stain.
He first dabbed on a flesh-toned pink lipstick on as a base, then built up the intensity with a deep berry hue, concentrating the colour on the lower lip and adding just a touch at the crest of Adams’s upper lip.
‘These tones bring out the blue in her eyes and were the perfect understated focal point on her face,’ he added. We agree!

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