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Spray Your Perfume
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Spray Your Perfume
Times Of Dhaka : When you have a much-loved scent, you’d like to (subtly) share it with the world. This means spraying or dabbing on spots that are designed to warm and gently project from your body. The best places to apply perfume are your pulse points. These areas of your body are known to have a collection of veins and arteries, which can easily become warm, releasing scent as you go about your day.

The top pulse points to apply your fragrance include
-The areas just above your hipbones
-The back of your legs, just behind your knees
-Inside your elbows
-The nape of your neck
-The small of your back
-Your cleavage
-Your wrists

Areas that aren’t so effective include applying anywhere on your clothing. Not only can this stain your clothes, it may not release the same scent you enjoy on your skin itself. While it’s also tempting to spray perfume onto your hair, only use those that are specifically designated for hair. Otherwise, you may dry out your tresses! 

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