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Quick tips to get summer happy feet
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Quick tips to get summer happy feet
Times Of Dhaka : The excessive sweat, lack of sunscreen protection and wearing breezy summer footwear can lead to unhappy, unsightly feet. So, here are some tips to pretty up your tootsies.

*Scrub well: Get rid of the dirt after a hard day`s work by scrubbing your feet with pumice stone. Feeling lazy? Simply scrub them on a daily basis while bathing. You can also massage your feet with a rich moisturiser as a post-bath ritual.

*Blot it out: Summer causes excessive sweating on your feet, so keep talcum powder handy and keep the sweat in check. Also, if feet odour is causing you oops moments, keep used tea bags under your feet to keep the stench at bay.

*Pack a punch: Keep your feet soft by indulging in a weekend treatment. Prepare a mixture of equal amounts of glycerin, papaya pulp, honey and lemon juice and apply this mixture, after thoroughly washing and scrubbing, to your feet. You skin will be brighter looking and smoother with regular usage.

*Pour some sugar: Exfoliate your feet with a natural cure. Just fill in used lemon rinds with sugar and scrub your feet in circular motion. It will act as a great scrub and slough away the dead skin. The lemon extract will also brighten the skin tone and remove tan.

*Pretty up with pedicures: Indulge in regular pedicure sessions at your favourite salon to pamper your tootsies. They are immensely helpful for cracked heels and make your toes beautiful. Ask your beautician to always use a clear nailpaint before applying a summer happy nail colour to avoid yellowing of the toenails.

*Night treatment: Just before hitting the sack, wash your feet and let it dry. Then slather oodles of petroleum jelly and massage your feet. Next, slip on thin cotton socks and keep them on overnight. This will pacify your overworked toes  and moisturise the skin, preventing cracked heels.

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