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Make your hair holiday-ready
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Make your hair holiday-ready
Hairstylist Asgar Saboo gives essential tips to ensure your hair is holiday-ready and looks its best during your vacation, said a statement.

Use dry shampoo: Dry shampoo has been gaining popularity recently. I always encourage the use of dry shampoo during summer for individuals more prone to oiliness. As the name suggests, dry shampoo absorbs the oil in your hair and gives it a softness, and more importantly voluminous shape. It becomes effective after a few days of not washing your hair.

Avoid excessive shampooing: If you have dry hair, it’s probably because you are washing your hair too often. People should cut back a little on the frequency of washing their hair. The reason behind this is that excessive shampooing can actually remove the natural oils that are necessary for your hair’s strength. As beach season is upon us, you are not wrong for wanting to wash that sand and chlorine out of your hair, however instead of applying shampoo, rinse the hair in the shower with a scalp massage. This revitalises the cells and exfoliates them.

Avoid blow drying: People who suffer from dandruff or a dry scalp usually expose their hair to the strong heat of a blow dryer. Excessive blow outs cause the scalp to dry out and without the natural moisture that the oils provide, the scalp becomes flaky, just as skin anywhere else would.

Maintain your colour tone: In rolling with the seasons, change is always good. The use of colour-depositing conditioners is vital, as they nourish the roots that have been subject to strong chemicals in hair dye.

Cover it up: Given that sun rays are more abundant during the sweltering months of summer, you are going to be more exposed naturally. Therefore, time spent outdoors, even if for a short time, has the potential to damage your scalp. You should grab a scarf or hat to protect the scalp as much as possible. This helps retain some moisture and helps in preventing the stimulation of dandruff.

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