Stars caught in Baishakhi breeze"> Stars caught in Baishakhi breeze"> Stars caught in Baishakhi breeze">

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Stars caught in Baishakhi breeze
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Stars caught in Baishakhi breeze
The New Year is upon us, and the breeze that Baishakh brings to wipe away the regrets and sorrow of the last year touch celebrities as much as  us. Three familiar names of the cultural arena share their thoughts and plans to mark Bangla Year 1423, as Star Arts & Entertainment wishes all its readers a Shubho Noboborsho!

Fahmida Nabi, singer

It's a very special and exciting day for me. Every year a party is thrown by production house Telehome. I will go there and hang out with other members of the showbiz fraternity.

Pahela Baishakh is a Bangali carnival. It's a festival day that people from all  divides  celebrate together. On the day, I love feasting on different types of bharta like taki and shutki. Besides this, I will also cook hilsha fish. I'm not too fond of 'panta-illish' so I usually avoid it. I prefer hilsha egg to the fish.

I have long wanted to go to Aricha ghat (ferry terminal) on Pahela Baishakh to eat hilsha.

Once I celebrated the festival in Berlin where we ate delicious sajne pather bharta. But the excitement of Baishakh celebration in my own country is really  unmatched.

This day, I wear I saree and use light makeup.

Every Baishakh, I fall in love with the colours of nature; the hues of the sky and the storm. I also love the taste of green mangoes this season.

Also rickshaw rides in Dhaka are one of the high points of my day

In our childhood we used to start off for Ramna Batamul early in the morning on Pahela Baishakh and go on to Bangla Academy. Later, we returned home and had lots of fun with my uncle and aunts.

Pahela Baishakh is a day adorned with a festive mood and colours. As we Bangalees are a festive nation, we always celebrate it warmly.

It is our country's biggest festival  apart from religious festivals. Muslims celebrate Eid and Hindus celebrate Durga Puja, but Pahela Baishakh, is celebrated by everyone, and that's why it has a special meaning.   

It is a day celebrated by people from all walks of life, the poor and rich equally.

That day I eat traditional Bangali food and don a saree. This time, I will hopefully stay in Dhaka, but might go to Thakurgaon for a shoot.

Bangali food like hilsha and shutki dishes are my favorites on Pahela Baishakh. My wife Aditi usually makes them. All the dishes cooked by her are delicious, particularly the especially shorshe ilish (hilsha in mustard).  My relatives, friends and cousins visit our home and we then have lunch together. In the evening, I have plans to go out.

I usually wear white panjabi and salwar designed by Aditi. She also matches her outfits to mine.

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