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Bangla movie Ochena Hridoy goes to America
Online Desk |:| Sat, 25 Jul'2015, 8:00 PM |:| Online Version
Bangla movie Ochena Hridoy goes to America
Times Of Dhaka : It was released on 22nd of May. After a broad success all over the country, it’s going to USA now. We are talking about ‘Ochena Hridoy’ here. It will be shown to 15 states of America. As the director of the movie SI Khan said, "We are having a little change in the edit now. Subtitles are added too. Show begins at 23rd August." It’s a story of campus. Not an edu type actually. It talks about campus love birds and their crisis. ABM Sumon, Prosun, Tiger Robi, Shormili Ahmed is starring the movie. ABM Sumon said that as the movie goes to abroad, it’s good news for us. It will earn some praise there I hope.” It will be released in AMC Universal Studio of California. It will go around 15 states then.

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