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Bangla movie Agni-2 set new record
Online Desk |:| Thu, 23 Jul'2015, 12:00 AM |:| Online Version
Bangla movie Agni-2 set new record
Times of Dhaka : Agni-2 has been released at 104 theaters countrywide on Eid day. It is an action-drama flick starred by Mahiya Mahi. The movie has set a new record of being screened at one theater six times a day. Actress Mahi is over the moon with the response Agni-2 is getting, especially, because the hard work involved in this project. She took special training from Thailand for the action sequences of the movie, and took dance lessons from India as well. Seeing the overwhelming response, Mahi is proudly displaying the list of the theaters where Agni-2 is being screened in her Facebook timeline. Following the promotional visit, the Agni-2 team watched the movie at the Basundhara Cineplex on the second day of Eid

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