BNP’s new movement will succeed: Mirza Farkhul"> BNP’s new movement will succeed: Mirza Farkhul"> BNP’s new movement will succeed: Mirza Farkhul">

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BNP’s new movement will succeed: Mirza Farkhul
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BNP’s new movement will succeed: Mirza Farkhul
As BNP has become stronger and more structured under the new leadership, the party’s movement to restore democracy is bound to be successful, according to BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

“We’ve been doing politics in an adverse situation over the last few years. Under the circumstances, our party’s council has surely helped our leaders and activists become revitalized and the party reorganized,” he said on Sunday.

The BNP leader further said, “We’re very confident we’ll be successful in our movement for restoration of democracy as we’ve been able to strengthen our party with new leadership.”

He came up with the statements while talking to reporters after visiting ailing former footballer Ainul Haq at his Zigatola house. Ainul Haq, a member of Swadhin Bangla Football Team, has long been suffering from cancer.


He alleged that the government is again trying to hike the prices of power and gas to plunder more public money.

Mentioning that their party is always vocal against the raising the tariffs of utility services, Fakhrul warned their party will this time wage a strong movement together with people if the prices of gas and power are hiked.

He said the ruling party men are capturing polling stations and snatching people’s right to franchise as there is no democracy in the country. “It’s unfortunate for the people of Bangladesh.”

Opposing the government’s plan to hike the tariffs of power and gas, the BNP leader said the current regime has increased the prices of the utility services in several phases since it assumed office.

Fakhrul said though the country’s people had liberated the country with the spirit of establishing democracy, the entire country has now gone under the rule of an undemocratic and unelected regime.

The BNP leader stayed beside Ainul for a while and enquired about his health condition.

He, on behalf of party chairperson Khaleda Zia, also provided the sick footballer with financial assistance.

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